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drawing of FLNG ship offloading to an LNG carrier
21 Nov
Rethinking Canada’s LNG industry model
Is there a better way for Canada to prosecute its LNG ambitions besides following in Australia's footprints with a suite of onshore greenfield projects? I was giving a lecture at the University of Calgary this past week on the LNG sector, when this topic came up. The students' interest reminded me that I wrote about this idea in January 2014. Time to revisit.
The cupboard is bare - LNG royaties are missing in action.
17 Oct
Why Qatar beats Australia in the #LNG royalty olympics

Are the Australian people getting their fair share of the value of their LNG exports? From Down Under comes this latest fizzle, an argument that could pit the resource owner, whose coffers could well be empty relative to the next biggest national exporter, against the resource producers, who have run up huge costs to get into the LNG game by following the rules set by the owner.


Who’s right? Let’s let some high-price Canberra lawyers make the case, but as a public service to the Canadian and African projects, here’s my views on the matter.


03 Oct
Why #LNG greenfield projects will struggle to get launched

Canada’s oil and gas sector is all a-twitter this week with the news that the Federal Government met its legislative deadline and provided a final positive decision on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project. The project is not assured – the proponents have clearly stated that they would need to revisit the project anyway since so much time has passed since the project was first proposed.


But it got me to thinking about the current state of the global LNG sector and whether any of the 50+ projects in the US or the 40+ projects in Canada will proceed.


17 Aug
58 – The Future of Queensland’s #Gas and #LNG Industry

What does the future hold for Queensland's gas and LNG sector? This was the topic of a presentation I delivered in Brisbane on July 28, 2016, and this podcast is a recording of that presentation. The slides are on and can be found here: The Future...

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