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25 Jul
Darwin’s #LNG Sector: Are you being served?
Darwin is the next great growth opportunity for service companies keen to participate in Australia's LNG growth spurt. But what are the opportunities, and how are they different from the experience in Gladstone?  
20 Jun
The $36b problem for Queensland LNG
If you were prowling for big improvement opportunities in Queensland's coal seam gas to LNG sector, is there really $36 billion waiting to be had? While attention in Australia seems permanently focused on building yet more export trains, I think there's more than enough prize out there that does not involve spending scarce capital to add more supply to an over supplied market. This post is part of a series on gas factory thinking. 
drawing of Cat front end loader
04 May
How To Succeed With Fixed Price Services Contracts
A number of the field service suppliers to the oil and gas industry have been on the receiving end of new procurements that require fixed price bidding. For many, this is a radically new feature of the competitive landscape and is resulting in margins under 10%. Field services buyers are pushing more delivery responsibility to suppliers in exchange for larger contracts and cost assurance.Many of Queensland's field services suppliers are not prepared to contract under this brave new world. I'm sensing a number of shortcomings that will require attention or someone is going to get burnt.This post is a collaboration with Andrew Willims, one of my colleagues at work.
lectern and presentation screen
27 Mar
Episode 2 : Fit for $50 – Speech to TSBE

The oil and gas world is undergoing a profound and lasting change. Oil production is stronger than oil demand, and OPEC has decided to allow the market to balance without interference. The resulting oil price collapse has implications for the LNG world whose pricing is...

Recording in our board room studios in Brisbane
20 Mar
Episode 1 : Richard Hughes

This is Episode 1 of a podcast series for Fuel Up! The interview is with my colleague and restructuring specialist, Richard Hughes. In it we discuss the pressures facing the gas field services industry, how to know when there's trouble brewing, how to react appropriately...

well workover rig
06 Jan
How To Survive The Services Recession
Are you an onshore oil and gas services company based in Queensland, Australia? Did you know that you're quite likely about to get your very own recession, thanks to gyrating oil prices? And it's going to last a while, if my calculations are correct. The last time I had to work through a services sector downturn of this magnitude was in 2008-09 in Alberta, and I fortunately kept my crib notes from helping transport, fracking, drilling and construction companies cope with that disaster. Here's some thoughts on why oil prices are down, what the impacts are on the gas sector, how long this condition will last, and what services companies can be doing to survive.
well workover rig
22 Jul
The Well Workover Service Opportunity
As I was conducting a walk through of our gas factory concept last week, one of the particpants asked me about well workovers. He was based in the US and had quite a bit of experience with the Powder River Basin in the US, a similar basin in many respects to Queensland's coal seam gas fields. He was baffled about how little conversation he was hearing about well workovers. Me too. Well workovers should soon be an in-demand service treatment for Queensland's gas wells. This post digs a little deeper into workovers and an outlook on the potential demand for this service.

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