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17 Aug
58 – The Future of Queensland’s #Gas and #LNG Industry

What does the future hold for Queensland's gas and LNG sector? This was the topic of a presentation I delivered in Brisbane on July 28, 2016, and this podcast is a recording of that presentation. The slides are on and can be found here: The Future...

22 Jun
50 – The misplaced gloom about #LNG

There's lots of gloomy news out there about the future of the LNG sector. It's a bit unbalanced, in my view. Here's 5 good reasons why we should be ambivalent to the short term challenges, or at least be a bit more optimistic about the long...

25 May
Episode 47 – Australia’s Eight Gas Mysteries

You have heard of the 7 Ancient Mysteries, about vanished civilisations, forgotten languages, lost tombs and secret treasures? Well, in my various travels around Australia, I a€™m frequently asked about these eight modern gas mysteries of the Australian natural gas industry. Duration: 9m 35s  ...

18 May
Episode 46 – A Summary of LNG18 for Darwin, NT

LNG 18, a global conference about the LNG sector, has left Australia for China, but what were the key messages from the conference? This episode is a recording of a presentation I made to the Petroleum Club of the Northern Territory on May 11, 2016,...

06 Apr
Episode 40 – Critical Questions Facing Global LNG

What will be some of the critical questions facing the global LNG sector? The upcoming LNG18 conference in Perth will be the setting for global leaders in this important industry to discuss the future. This rare event is like the Olympics of the LNG world, and comes...

LNG18 trade show floor
29 Mar
What questions will get asked at LNG18?
The world's most important LNG conference is coming to Australia, and with it, the most important LNG producers, the biggest LNG traders, most important LNG consumers, the largest suppliers to the industry, government officials, regulators, analysts and thinktanks from around the world. What would you ask if you had the opportunity to engage these key business leaders? Here's my list. 
coming soon - doom and gloom
21 Mar
The misplaced gloom about LNG
Last week journalists and analysts from all over spilled a fair supply of ink decrying the supply and demand problems of the LNG sector. I thought the articles lacked balance and did not paint any alternative views of the industry. So here's 5 good reasons why we should be ambivalent to the short term challenges, or at least be a bit more optimistic about the long term
16 Mar
Episode 38 – China #LNG Demand Sparks to Life

I’ve fielded an odd spike in inquiries of late for possible LNG supply options for Chinese buyers. Before, callers were often thought of as front companies who were testing adherence to contracts. Now, there’s an air of legitimacy about them. I’m not entirely clear what’s...

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