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20 Sep The evolution of Fuel UP! LNG continues with a revamp

It’s been a month since the last blog article appeared on Fuel Up! LNG, your favourite source of insight on the global LNG industry and Australia’s LNG trade in particular. You’re probably wondering what’s going on, and as a public service (at least, a service to my public), here’s what’s happening or about to happen.


In case you missed the last blog article, I’ve relocated to Calgary Alberta, and have taken up a new role with my employer, where I’ll focus on helping oil and gas companies create and embrace a digital future.


Canada doesn’t yet have an LNG industry to rival that of Australia, and while hope springs eternal that it will, I am diverting a portion of my attention to my new endeavor. That doesn’t mean Fuel Up! LNG is going away, but it will change to match my new circumstances.


The Blog


Fuel Up! LNG will move to a new web address to match the name of the blog. In time, you’ll look for it at, a new domain I’m setting up. All the existing articles will move to this new domain, and it’s my intent that the blog look and feel will remain consistent. I’m in the process of contracting some technical talent in India using Upwork to tackle the move.


Changing the blog name separates it from me personally and allows other authors to contribute their own material. It also helps address an observation from a few quarters that the blog was entirely for my personal benefit (an odd charge, considering how many articles were co-authored, but there you go – critics follow you everywhere).


I will be slowing down my writing pace from weekly to monthly. This will make room for others to contribute to the blog. If you’re interested in contributing, let me know and I’ll share with you the writing guidelines. There’s absolutely no charge, but no compensation either.


As for, I don’t have a clear plan for it, but I expect I’ll keep it alive for some other purpose, perhaps to indulge my interest in writing in general.


Meanwhile, I’ll be setting up another blog that focuses on my new endeavors, and once I have that sorted, I’ll invite you to take it in.


The Doodles


The doodles and artwork will not change appreciably. In case you didn’t know, almost all the artwork is from my own hand, and drawn using an iPad app called Paper53. I figured that owning all the content, including the artwork, was the easiest way to avoid any copyright issues. So far, it’s worked.


It turns out that the doodles are oddly popular because they’re so different from the usual commercial content that you get on the web. Who knew? I’ve also used them in creative ways, such as the principal imagery for public presentations rather than conventional PowerPoint or Haiku Deck.


If you wanted to see all the doodles I’ve done, you can find them on a Pinterest page called, you guessed it, Fuel Up! LNG. If you click on the doodle it takes you to the original blog article.


The Podcast


I record the podcast in 8 episode chunks and then I release them over 2 months (one per week). It takes a bit of time to master the podcasts (steps like noise reduction, editing out stuff, audio leveling, music intro, voice over), but the results are worth it. The podcast is a staple for those looking for a 10 minute story on the sector they can take in while driving, cycling or whatever. There are 58 episodes in total so far, stretching back over a year.


It was always my intent that the podcast series match the cadence of the blog – one episode per week. As the blog pace will slow down, so will the podcast series.


In case you haven’t heard it, the podcast is available on iTunes and iHeartRadio – look for Fuel Up! LNG.


The Facebook Page


The Facebook page I creatively called Fuel Up LNG is for housing the photos that I take of LNG infrastructure. There are several albums that chronicle the construction of some of Australia’s newest LNG plants in Darwin and Gladstone. I also post the blogs to the Facebook page because of the popularity of Facebook.


The page will continue but updates will be at the slower pace of the blog, since there’s no LNG infrastructure here in Canada to photograph (although if you have your own photos that you’d like to contribute, let me know and I’ll give you posting privileges).


The Twitter Newsletter


Did you know that I publish a weekly newsletter on the LNG industry that goes by the clever name of Fuel Up! LNG? The newsletter is a collated collection of the best LNG stories I can find on the web, selected because they reveal some interesting and usually important development in the industry. The articles are drawn from my daily Twitter feed where I tweet these stories.


As with the blog, I’ve set up a new Twitter handle (@fueluplng) from which I will tweet articles about the LNG sector, rather than from my personal Twitter account. Twitter will now match the blog, the podcast and the newsletter. Follow me there.


The newsletter will continue but less frequently as well. There’s room for others to assist with the collation activities, and if you might be interested, drop me a line.

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