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25 Jul
Darwin’s #LNG Sector: Are you being served?
Darwin is the next great growth opportunity for service companies keen to participate in Australia's LNG growth spurt. But what are the opportunities, and how are they different from the experience in Gladstone?  
20 Jul
54 – What will the LNG sector look like in 10 years?

Major trends are in motion that will render the global LNG industry very different in 10 years time from what it looked like 10 years ago. To quote Sun Tzu, from time to time it's helpful to take a close up view of things distant...

13 Jul
53 – Will Japan Become World’s Biggest #LNG Trader?

For the past decade, particularly after the Fukushima disaster, Japan has purchased LNG in enormous volumes to meet its energy needs. But a variety of factors are converging to push Japan into the world of LNG trading. What's behind this pivot from importer to trader,...

11 Jul
Hedging Brexit: Survival tactics for oil and gas
 How might participants in the oil and gas industry hedge future Brexit outcomes? With at least two years of uncertainty facing the UK and EU following the UK's shock decision to withdraw from the largest and most open market in the world, how should one prepare
04 Jul
Brexit and the oil and gas industry
  What could be the impact of Brexit on the oil, gas and LNG sectors?No one can say with any certainty what the outcome of Brexit will be but here's my early views.

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