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03 Oct
Why #LNG greenfield projects will struggle to get launched

Canada’s oil and gas sector is all a-twitter this week with the news that the Federal Government met its legislative deadline and provided a final positive decision on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project. The project is not assured – the proponents have clearly stated that they would need to revisit the project anyway since so much time has passed since the project was first proposed.


But it got me to thinking about the current state of the global LNG sector and whether any of the 50+ projects in the US or the 40+ projects in Canada will proceed.


04 Jul
Brexit and the oil and gas industry
  What could be the impact of Brexit on the oil, gas and LNG sectors?No one can say with any certainty what the outcome of Brexit will be but here's my early views.
APPEA 2015 Exhibition Hall, before opening
25 May
Seven Essential Lessons from APPEA 2015
APPEA 2015 was such a blast! Tradeshow, speeches, journalism, politics, networking, innovation. It's all there. But not everyone can make it to the biggest and best oil and gas gathering in the Southern Hemisphere. For those of you who missed it, here's the 7 essential lessons that totally framed my three days in Melbourne. 
Freeing Up $Millions Hidden In Your LNG Assets
13 Apr
Freeing Up $Millions Hidden In Your LNG Assets
This post was co-written with Jonathan Schneider and Lauren Folkard, who work for Deloitte in Perth. Australia's emerging LNG industry is potentially missing out on millions of dollars through its procurement practices and accounting treatment of its large engineering works, of which there are now many. Large engineered assets (power plants, camps, LNG facilities, gas plants) built under contract from engineering, procurement and construction (or EPC) firms get handed over to their customers on completion accompanied by operating manuals, maintenance instructions, etc. But the bookkeepers might only get a single accounting entry: One (1) gas-fired power plant, steel and copper, 250 megawatt, silver trim: $1b. Think this might be a bit limiting? Yes it is. Here's why and what can be done about it. 
lectern and presentation screen
27 Mar
Episode 2 : Fit for $50 – Speech to TSBE

The oil and gas world is undergoing a profound and lasting change. Oil production is stronger than oil demand, and OPEC has decided to allow the market to balance without interference. The resulting oil price collapse has implications for the LNG world whose pricing is...

Darwin LNG Plant from end of jetty
13 Oct
Australia Gas Sector: Issues and Opportunities
From time to time, it's useful to step back and take stock of your surroundings and a sounding of the issues and opportunities facing you. I had occasion to do exactly that, with some thinking on the state of the Australian gas sector on Thursday, October 9 2014, as I was one of four panelists at a CEDA luncheon in Adelaide, Australia. The panel included Professor Paul Stevens of Chatham House and visiting professor at UCL, Barry Goldstein of the Australian Geothermal Energy Group, the Honourable Martin Ferguson, retired MP, and me. It was delightful to meet these esteemed industry colleagues, each of whom had a different take on the industry. Barry provided an uplifting review of the exploration activities in South Australia. Paul dug into a macro view of the sector with a specific focus on the impacts of the US shale gas developments on global gas markets. Finally, the Honourable Mr Ferguson provided a perspective on the labour and taxation policy issues that are confronting the Commonwealth. My task was to provide a current state appraisal of the Australian gas sector in 10 minutes or less. Here goes. 
sam the eagle
23 Jun
How To Beat The US LNG Juggernaut

Two more US-based LNG projects are edging towards launch. This week, FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), the US government agency tasked with jurisdiction over interstate natural gas, issued the final Environmental Impact Statement for the Freeport LNG project, based in Freeport Texas, and final...

drawing of FLNG ship offloading to an LNG carrier
27 Jan
Canadian LNG – Have Cake, Eat it All!

I was struck by a recent news article that suggests that only a small number of the proposed Canadian LNG plants will actually proceed to development. Sadly, that could be the same situation emerging here in Queensland Australia. Which got me to thinking - is...

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