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drawing of FLNG ship offloading to an LNG carrier
21 Nov
Rethinking Canada’s LNG industry model
Is there a better way for Canada to prosecute its LNG ambitions besides following in Australia's footprints with a suite of onshore greenfield projects? I was giving a lecture at the University of Calgary this past week on the LNG sector, when this topic came up. The students' interest reminded me that I wrote about this idea in January 2014. Time to revisit.
09 May
Australia’s #LNG Industry in Transition
APPEA returns to Brisbane this year and the conference (hopefully) will bring into focus the significant challenges facing the industry and stimulate a lively discussion about the future. I think we're due for an industry reset. Here's a quick review of the global setting, domestic drivers and sector actions, to set the scene for you. 
06 Apr
Episode 40 – Critical Questions Facing Global LNG

What will be some of the critical questions facing the global LNG sector? The upcoming LNG18 conference in Perth will be the setting for global leaders in this important industry to discuss the future. This rare event is like the Olympics of the LNG world, and comes...

LNG18 Sails to Perth
29 Feb
LNG18: Great Debates About the Future of #LNG
What will be some of the great debates at the upcoming LNG18 conference in Perth? This rare event is like the Olympics of the LNG world, and comes around only every 4 years. This year will prove to be a pivotal one, as the challenges facing the sector are legion. Here are my views on what will prove to be the great debates of the conference.
APPEA 2015 Exhibition Hall, before opening
25 May
Seven Essential Lessons from APPEA 2015
APPEA 2015 was such a blast! Tradeshow, speeches, journalism, politics, networking, innovation. It's all there. But not everyone can make it to the biggest and best oil and gas gathering in the Southern Hemisphere. For those of you who missed it, here's the 7 essential lessons that totally framed my three days in Melbourne. 
Darwin LNG Plant from end of jetty
13 Oct
Australia Gas Sector: Issues and Opportunities
From time to time, it's useful to step back and take stock of your surroundings and a sounding of the issues and opportunities facing you. I had occasion to do exactly that, with some thinking on the state of the Australian gas sector on Thursday, October 9 2014, as I was one of four panelists at a CEDA luncheon in Adelaide, Australia. The panel included Professor Paul Stevens of Chatham House and visiting professor at UCL, Barry Goldstein of the Australian Geothermal Energy Group, the Honourable Martin Ferguson, retired MP, and me. It was delightful to meet these esteemed industry colleagues, each of whom had a different take on the industry. Barry provided an uplifting review of the exploration activities in South Australia. Paul dug into a macro view of the sector with a specific focus on the impacts of the US shale gas developments on global gas markets. Finally, the Honourable Mr Ferguson provided a perspective on the labour and taxation policy issues that are confronting the Commonwealth. My task was to provide a current state appraisal of the Australian gas sector in 10 minutes or less. Here goes. 
March 2015
06 Oct
LNG News And Analysis – September 2014
Here's my analysis of the most interesting news from the world of LNG and natural gas from the period September 1-30, 2014. 

Feeling the Chill

As winter approaches, the pressure is ratcheting up on those European nations dependent on Russian gas supplies to get sorted. Gas shortages and high spot prices are on the menu as Greece gets around 70% of its gas needs from Russia, Bulgaria 100%, with Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic also highly dependent. Perhaps it would be helpful to have Ukrainians pay market price for the gas that they consume. I was shocked to learn that a third of Ukrainian households pay US$2.40/month for unlimited gas consumption. With prices this low, for sure some Ukrainian households are overconsuming gas. Neighbouring countries (Hungary, Poland) have offered to ship gas to Ukraine, and are told by the EU that reshipping gas is legal under EU law, but contract restrictions, not to mention Russian annoyance (read retaliation), makes short work of any attempts to help out. So onto contingency planning via storage, FLNG supplies and industrial preparation. You can find an earlier blog about this story in my archives.
March 2015
04 Aug
LNG News and Analysis – July 1 – 31, 2014

Here's my analysis of the most interesting news from the world of LNG and natural gas from the period July 1 to July 31, 2014.The LNG Shake Out ContinuesIn case it's not obvious, the LNG industry is a game that only really large companies can...

crystal ball, to help see the future
28 Jul
Only 63% Of My Predictions Come True

On Monday, July 21, the Australia Industry Group (a peak industry association of Australia's manufacturing companies) issued a report prepared by Deloitte on the state of gas prices in Eastern Australia, decrying the terrible situation facing manufacturers whose gas input costs are about to triple,...

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