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11 May
Episode 45 – Australian pipeline reversal to fuel LNG exports

One of Australia'€™s major gas pipelines reversed flow recently, and it creates a path for gas from the populous eastern states to feed the export industry in Gladstone. Why would the industry reverse flow on a key pipeline? Here's my view. Duration: 8m 56s   ...

11 Apr
Five Collaborations That Oil and Gas Could Copy
There’s been lots of calls to increase collaboration in the oil and gas world, but what does that actually mean? For inspiration I thought it might be useful to take a look at what kinds of collaboration are in place in other industries, and what these might mean for the oil and gas sector.  
16 Mar
Episode 38 – China #LNG Demand Sparks to Life

I’ve fielded an odd spike in inquiries of late for possible LNG supply options for Chinese buyers. Before, callers were often thought of as front companies who were testing adherence to contracts. Now, there’s an air of legitimacy about them. I’m not entirely clear what’s...

09 Mar
Episode 37 – The TransPacific Partnership and its impact on Gas

The Trans Pacific Partnership, a long negotiated freer trade agreement between 12 nations that have shorelines on the Pacific Ocean, has finally surfaced. What are its implications for participants in the natural gas business? Not a lot, it seems, based on my quick review, but...

24 Feb
Episode 35 – Technologies That Might Transform The Gas Industry

Technology is advancing at a great pace, but which technologies could have an outsized impact on Australia’s LNG sector, particularly the high cost east coast gas projects? We’re soon to be the world’s biggest exporter of LNG, we’re a technologically advanced nation, and we’re facing...

no turning back
15 Feb
Australia #gas pipeline reversal could fuel up #LNG
One of Australia's major gas pipelines reversed flow recently, and when I tweeted the story, it prompted no end of inflammatory commentary from the green fringe whose only and incorrect conclusion was that NSW gas development was entirely for the benefit of LNG. Since it's exceptionally hard to correct Twitterheads in 140 characters once their echo chamber kicks in, this week's post looks at the question of pipelines and flow reversals, why do they happen, and what does this one mean. 
12 Feb
Episode 33 – My predictions for #LNG for 2016

It’s customary at the dawn of a new year to make predictions you have no idea will come true. And true to the season, at a recent meeting I was asked whether I thought the price of oil would get to $20 a barrel in...

Paris COP21
08 Feb
Paris Climate Accord and the implications for Gas
 COP21 has come and gone, and I can’t help wondering if this elaborate UN meeting has given a boost to the fortunes of the natural gas industry, and with it, the LNG sector. I think so, and here’s why. 

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