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13 Jul
53 – Will Japan Become World’s Biggest #LNG Trader?

For the past decade, particularly after the Fukushima disaster, Japan has purchased LNG in enormous volumes to meet its energy needs. But a variety of factors are converging to push Japan into the world of LNG trading. What's behind this pivot from importer to trader,...

09 May
Australia’s #LNG Industry in Transition
APPEA returns to Brisbane this year and the conference (hopefully) will bring into focus the significant challenges facing the industry and stimulate a lively discussion about the future. I think we're due for an industry reset. Here's a quick review of the global setting, domestic drivers and sector actions, to set the scene for you. 
03 May
Five key take aways from LNG18
The LNG 18 Conference has come and gone, and with it the delegates, booths, journalists and industry executives. The content will live on in the 100mb of zipped presentations and papers available for download, but if you haven't the time nor the energy to wade through it all, here are my five key take aways from the sessions.
06 Apr
Episode 40 – Critical Questions Facing Global LNG

What will be some of the critical questions facing the global LNG sector? The upcoming LNG18 conference in Perth will be the setting for global leaders in this important industry to discuss the future. This rare event is like the Olympics of the LNG world, and comes...

LNG18 trade show floor
29 Mar
What questions will get asked at LNG18?
The world's most important LNG conference is coming to Australia, and with it, the most important LNG producers, the biggest LNG traders, most important LNG consumers, the largest suppliers to the industry, government officials, regulators, analysts and thinktanks from around the world. What would you ask if you had the opportunity to engage these key business leaders? Here's my list. 
09 Mar
Episode 37 – The TransPacific Partnership and its impact on Gas

The Trans Pacific Partnership, a long negotiated freer trade agreement between 12 nations that have shorelines on the Pacific Ocean, has finally surfaced. What are its implications for participants in the natural gas business? Not a lot, it seems, based on my quick review, but...

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