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17 Aug
58 – The Future of Queensland’s #Gas and #LNG Industry

What does the future hold for Queensland's gas and LNG sector? This was the topic of a presentation I delivered in Brisbane on July 28, 2016, and this podcast is a recording of that presentation. The slides are on and can be found here: The Future...

25 Jul
Darwin’s #LNG Sector: Are you being served?
Darwin is the next great growth opportunity for service companies keen to participate in Australia's LNG growth spurt. But what are the opportunities, and how are they different from the experience in Gladstone?  
22 Jun
50 – The misplaced gloom about #LNG

There's lots of gloomy news out there about the future of the LNG sector. It's a bit unbalanced, in my view. Here's 5 good reasons why we should be ambivalent to the short term challenges, or at least be a bit more optimistic about the long...

09 May
Australia’s #LNG Industry in Transition
APPEA returns to Brisbane this year and the conference (hopefully) will bring into focus the significant challenges facing the industry and stimulate a lively discussion about the future. I think we're due for an industry reset. Here's a quick review of the global setting, domestic drivers and sector actions, to set the scene for you. 
04 May
Episode 44 – 8 Ways Analytics Can Help Unconventional Gas

Many industries today benefit from applying analytics to their more vexing problems. Queensland's coal seam gasindustry (and likely shale gas industries elsewhere) has all the ingredients to make it an ideal place to apply analytics to its key problems.Here's 8 solution ideas that I think have great promise in the...

11 Apr
Five Collaborations That Oil and Gas Could Copy
There’s been lots of calls to increase collaboration in the oil and gas world, but what does that actually mean? For inspiration I thought it might be useful to take a look at what kinds of collaboration are in place in other industries, and what these might mean for the oil and gas sector.  
23 Mar
Episode 39 – Transforming Gladstone

On March 17, I was invited to present to the Gladstone Engineering Alliance at an event dedicated to showcasing the supply chain capabilities of the membership. The essence of my remarks are that:Australia has made a far reaching decision to support natural...

coming soon - doom and gloom
21 Mar
The misplaced gloom about LNG
Last week journalists and analysts from all over spilled a fair supply of ink decrying the supply and demand problems of the LNG sector. I thought the articles lacked balance and did not paint any alternative views of the industry. So here's 5 good reasons why we should be ambivalent to the short term challenges, or at least be a bit more optimistic about the long term

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