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25 Jul
Darwin’s #LNG Sector: Are you being served?
Darwin is the next great growth opportunity for service companies keen to participate in Australia's LNG growth spurt. But what are the opportunities, and how are they different from the experience in Gladstone?  
04 Jul
Brexit and the oil and gas industry
  What could be the impact of Brexit on the oil, gas and LNG sectors?No one can say with any certainty what the outcome of Brexit will be but here's my early views.
20 Jun
The $36b problem for Queensland LNG
If you were prowling for big improvement opportunities in Queensland's coal seam gas to LNG sector, is there really $36 billion waiting to be had? While attention in Australia seems permanently focused on building yet more export trains, I think there's more than enough prize out there that does not involve spending scarce capital to add more supply to an over supplied market. This post is part of a series on gas factory thinking. 
09 May
Australia’s #LNG Industry in Transition
APPEA returns to Brisbane this year and the conference (hopefully) will bring into focus the significant challenges facing the industry and stimulate a lively discussion about the future. I think we're due for an industry reset. Here's a quick review of the global setting, domestic drivers and sector actions, to set the scene for you. 
04 May
Episode 44 – 8 Ways Analytics Can Help Unconventional Gas

Many industries today benefit from applying analytics to their more vexing problems. Queensland's coal seam gasindustry (and likely shale gas industries elsewhere) has all the ingredients to make it an ideal place to apply analytics to its key problems.Here's 8 solution ideas that I think have great promise in the...

21 Oct
Episode 22 – Surviving the Services Recession

Australia's onshore oil and gas services sector is experiencing its very own recession, thanks to gyrating oil and gas prices. And it's going to last a while, if my calculations are correct. I haven't seen conditions this bad since 2008-09 when I worked with transport, fracking, drilling and construction companies...

09 Sep
Episode 18 – Productivity In the New Era (PINE)

On August 27, 2015, I presented to the SEAAOC conference in Darwin on how the oil and gas industry might go about improving productivity. I recorded my remarks for this podcast.You can also find the slide presentation at Just look for me by name.Duration:...

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04 May
How To Succeed With Fixed Price Services Contracts
A number of the field service suppliers to the oil and gas industry have been on the receiving end of new procurements that require fixed price bidding. For many, this is a radically new feature of the competitive landscape and is resulting in margins under 10%. Field services buyers are pushing more delivery responsibility to suppliers in exchange for larger contracts and cost assurance.Many of Queensland's field services suppliers are not prepared to contract under this brave new world. I'm sensing a number of shortcomings that will require attention or someone is going to get burnt.This post is a collaboration with Andrew Willims, one of my colleagues at work.

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