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25 May
Episode 47 – Australia’s Eight Gas Mysteries

You have heard of the 7 Ancient Mysteries, about vanished civilisations, forgotten languages, lost tombs and secret treasures? Well, in my various travels around Australia, I a€™m frequently asked about these eight modern gas mysteries of the Australian natural gas industry. Duration: 9m 35s  ...

11 Apr
Five Collaborations That Oil and Gas Could Copy
There’s been lots of calls to increase collaboration in the oil and gas world, but what does that actually mean? For inspiration I thought it might be useful to take a look at what kinds of collaboration are in place in other industries, and what these might mean for the oil and gas sector.  
Easter Island
22 Feb
Eight Australian Gas Mysteries
 You've heard of the 7 Ancient Mysteries, about vanished civilisations, forgotten languages, lost tombs and secret treasures? Well, in my various travels around Australia's gas industry, I'm frequently asked about these eight modern gas mysteries.
21 Oct
Episode 22 – Surviving the Services Recession

Australia's onshore oil and gas services sector is experiencing its very own recession, thanks to gyrating oil and gas prices. And it's going to last a while, if my calculations are correct. I haven't seen conditions this bad since 2008-09 when I worked with transport, fracking, drilling and construction companies...

APPEA 2015 Exhibition Hall, before opening
25 May
Seven Essential Lessons from APPEA 2015
APPEA 2015 was such a blast! Tradeshow, speeches, journalism, politics, networking, innovation. It's all there. But not everyone can make it to the biggest and best oil and gas gathering in the Southern Hemisphere. For those of you who missed it, here's the 7 essential lessons that totally framed my three days in Melbourne. 
drawing of Cat front end loader
04 May
How To Succeed With Fixed Price Services Contracts
A number of the field service suppliers to the oil and gas industry have been on the receiving end of new procurements that require fixed price bidding. For many, this is a radically new feature of the competitive landscape and is resulting in margins under 10%. Field services buyers are pushing more delivery responsibility to suppliers in exchange for larger contracts and cost assurance.Many of Queensland's field services suppliers are not prepared to contract under this brave new world. I'm sensing a number of shortcomings that will require attention or someone is going to get burnt.This post is a collaboration with Andrew Willims, one of my colleagues at work.
lectern and presentation screen
27 Mar
Episode 2 : Fit for $50 – Speech to TSBE

The oil and gas world is undergoing a profound and lasting change. Oil production is stronger than oil demand, and OPEC has decided to allow the market to balance without interference. The resulting oil price collapse has implications for the LNG world whose pricing is...

Queensland's LNG could be blindsided by any number of unlikely conditions.
16 Mar
Could Queensland’s LNG Sector Be Black Swanned?
Recently, a company approached me with a perplexing problem. They were encountering increasing international skepticism of the viability of Queensland's coal seam gas sector, which was impeding their growth ambitions. In some circles, Queensland's LNG sector is viewed to be in imminent danger of being completely displaced by looming US LNG exports, a situation accerbated by these low oil and gas prices, and low US continental gas prices. Could the three LNG projects find themselves being shut down as soon as the US LNG trade hit the water. Is there a black swan condition just over the horizon? 

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