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29 Jun
51 – How FERC has bent the LNG sector

A number of LNG projects have fallen by the wayside of late, but only one really bothers me. FERC's actions on one project in particular provide an abject lesson to all proposed US developments. Make sure you have customers. Duration: 9m 04s   ...

27 Apr
Episode 43 – Obama, U.S. Oil Exports and LNG: More Pain for Longer

I was very surprised recently by the fresh US Congress and Presidential approval to reinstate crude oil exports from the US. This is an unexpected decision by a US president who has come to endorse a green agenda and it changes oil economics and geopolitics on many levels. But what does...

06 Apr
Episode 40 – Critical Questions Facing Global LNG

What will be some of the critical questions facing the global LNG sector? The upcoming LNG18 conference in Perth will be the setting for global leaders in this important industry to discuss the future. This rare event is like the Olympics of the LNG world, and comes...

LNG18 trade show floor
29 Mar
What questions will get asked at LNG18?
The world's most important LNG conference is coming to Australia, and with it, the most important LNG producers, the biggest LNG traders, most important LNG consumers, the largest suppliers to the industry, government officials, regulators, analysts and thinktanks from around the world. What would you ask if you had the opportunity to engage these key business leaders? Here's my list. 
LNG18 Sails to Perth
29 Feb
LNG18: Great Debates About the Future of #LNG
What will be some of the great debates at the upcoming LNG18 conference in Perth? This rare event is like the Olympics of the LNG world, and comes around only every 4 years. This year will prove to be a pivotal one, as the challenges facing the sector are legion. Here are my views on what will prove to be the great debates of the conference.
21 Oct
Episode 22 – Surviving the Services Recession

Australia's onshore oil and gas services sector is experiencing its very own recession, thanks to gyrating oil and gas prices. And it's going to last a while, if my calculations are correct. I haven't seen conditions this bad since 2008-09 when I worked with transport, fracking, drilling and construction companies...

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